V. M. V.

* Telekinesis from Brian Davis (Six Months Ago) * Shattering from Trevor Zeitlan (Villains) * Freezing from James Walker (Don't Look Back) * Melting from Zane Taylor (Run!) * Enhanced hearing from Dale Smither (Unexpected) * Precognition from Isaac Mendez (.07%) * Induced radioactivity from Ted Sprague (Landslide) * Rapid cellular regeneration from Claire Bennet (The Second Coming) * Alchemy from Bob Bishop (The Butterfly Effect) * Clairsentience from Bridget Bailey (One of Us, One of Them) * Sound manipulation from Jesse Murphy (One of Us, One of Them) * Electric manipulation from Elle Bishop (It's Coming) * Lie detection from Sue Landers (Our Father) --- mmm, hazugságfelismerés... :-) még jól jöhet :-) * Imprinting from Joe Macon (Out of Town... On Business) * Shape shifting from James Martin (Into Asylum) * Disintegration from Tom Miller (I Am Sylar) * Flight from Nathan Petrelli (An Invisible Thread) * Empathy from Lydia (Let It Bleed)

"I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering you yours." (Sylar)